Connecticut Lottery and Amber alert: reuniting families for 10 years.

Since 2003,the Connecticut Lottery along with Connecticut officials have been helping to connect loved ones using the Amber Alert and Silver Alert systems.

When a child is missing, there is no time to waste. Statistics prove that most abducted and missing children do not last long. The Connecticut Lottery has been partnered up with Connecticut police and state troopers since 2003 to ensure that children make it home safe.

When a child is abducted or missing, the Amber Alert system is used to help let the world be on the lookout. the Silver Alert system is used to find people over age 65 or people with mental disabilities who may be lost or in danger. These alert systems have been bringing people home safe for years by raising awareness for missing loved ones.

In June 2003, Lt. Governor M. Jodi Rell broadened the Connecticut Amber alert system through the connecticut Lottery. The Connecticut Lottery helps spread the word by sending messages to the 2,700 plus lottery retailers throughout the state. The Connecticut Lottery also requires retailers to display images of the missing persons as well as play an emergency alert every half hour for the first 90 minutes, and every hour for the first 5 hours.

The efforts through the Connecticut Lottery have helped spread the word and reunite families for ten years, and will continue to do so as a service to the state of Connecticut.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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