Colorado Lottery loves the outdoors

Developed in 1992, the Colorado Lottery benefits the Great Outdoors Colorado, GOCO. GOCO is the only lottery funded outdoor beneficiary program of its kind in the nation.

Colorado is known for it’s breathtaking mountains and landscapes. With the Rocky Mountains running through most of the state, Colorado wilderness is literally at a whole new level. Since it is such a huge pride of the state, the state of Colorado makes sure it is well taken care of. With multiple state funded organizations, the Colorado wilderness is well-protected and maintained so people can continue to enjoy its majesty. Among these organizations is the Colorado Lottery.

The colorado Lottery is unique because of how much it gives back to the state. The state of Colorado is the only lottery state to give the bulk of net proceeds (approximately 50%) to its beneficiaries: the Colorado natural heritage. Established in 1983, the colorado Lottery began benefitting the natural environment in 1993. After nearly 20 years, the Colorado Lottery benefactor, GOCO, has over 3,500 projects across the state in the nearly 1 million acres of wildlife.

The state of Colorado is proud to help keep the state beautiful. GOCO received $57 million in 2012, and is busy making sure all of the money helps make Colorado beautiful. So when hiking in Colorado, be sure to support the beauty of the state and buy a Colorad Lottery ticket.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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