Cats and Dogs: The Players Have Chosen

CORRECTION: The voting period for Washington’s Lottery’s Cats vs. Dogs game ended Aug. 4, and two days later this report incorrectly named Samwise the Goldendoodle and Celebration Cat as the top dog and cat in the contest.

Washington’s Lottery released photos of the winners two days later – and neither Samwise or Celebration Cat made the top six!  You can find the correct winning pets on the Lottery’s Cats vs. Dogs webpage.

The original LotteryHUB News report is below:



Aug. 6, 2013 – The votes are in, the fur has settled, and a dog has come out on top of the age-old contest between cats and dogs.

Though it may not settle the score between the animals, votes from Washington’s Lottery players were pretty decisive in choosing “Samwise the  Goldendoodle” (left) as top dog in the Lottery’s Cats vs. Dogs contest.  (Sort the photos by “highest rated” to see the winners)

The contest got started July 1, when the Lottery began collecting photos of players’ furry friends.  By the time the entry period closed July 28, the Lottery had received more than 1,300 submissions!

Six pets that got the most votes on the Lottery’s Cats vs. Dogs page will be featured on scratch-off tickets to  be released later this year, but to keep it fair to each species, the Lottery decided they’d take the top three dogs and the top three cats, rather than just the top six.  (If they had, there’d only be one cat.)

While the top three dogs won in relative landslides, it was tougher competition for team Feline; the top three cats placed fifth, eighth, and twelfth overall, each separated by about 500 votes.

"Celebration Cat", the top cat in the Washington Lottery's contest, is shown here totally getting the party started.

“Celebration Cat”, the top cat in the Washington Lottery’s contest, is shown here totally getting the party started.

Samwise the Goldendoodle – the big winner – got 4,869 votes in all, more than 500 votes ahead of the second-place pup, Bella.  The third-place dog was Fenway, who pulled in 3,928 votes while looking cool in some dollar-sign sunglasses, check it out on the website!

Coming in at fifth place and first on the cat leaderboard was “Celebration Cat,” with 2,242 votes.  The festival feline was closer to 400 votes ahead of “Thirsty Doodle Bug,” the second-place kitty, and the third cat to win a spot on a lottery ticket was “Little Cat,” who got 1,293 votes.



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Written by Matt Isaacs

Matt is the Editorial Manager for the LotteryHUB News Team. Matt graduated from Rutgers University’s School of Journalism and Media Studies in May 2013