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CT Super Draw Tickets On Sale

Oct 01, 14 CT Super Draw Tickets On Sale

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Oct. 1, 2014 – In three months, one lucky Connecticut Lottery player will kick off the New Year as a millionaire.  The Lottery this week began selling tickets for its Super Draw raffle. The Super Draw is an annual raffle with a $1 million top prize, but with a very limited number of tickets.  This year, the Lottery will sell only 275,000 tickets. That means that the odds of becoming a millionaire are better with Super Draw than with any other game. And the grand prize winner won’t be the only one with a few extra bucks on New Year’s Day.  This year’s Super Draw has more than 2,100 prizes up for grabs. Five lucky winners will score $20,000 second prizes, 25 third-prize winners will receive $1,000, 100 players will win $500, and there will be 2,000 prizes each worth $100. That means that, if yours isn’t the lucky $1 million ticket, you’ve still got pretty good odds of winning $100 on the Super Draw. Each ticket costs $10, and once they’re sold out, they’re gone!  Super Draw tickets are available in Connecticut Lottery retailers right now, and the deadline to buy one is Dec. 28 – if they haven’t sold out by...

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$1 Million Winner Says She’s “Not that Lucky”

July 10, 2014 – Nancy Catalano’s luck certainly changed for the better last week.  She bought a ticket for the July 2 Powerball drawing and ended up winning $1 million after matching the five white numbers drawn. When the Greenwich, Conn. local picked up her prize from the Connecticut Lottery earlier this week, she told lottery officials she was in disbelief. “Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d win a million dollars.  I’m not really that lucky,” Catalano said. But she was lucky enough to beat odds of about 1 in 5 million against to win Powerball’s second prize.  Catalano matched the five white numbers 8, 18, 45, 53 and 58 on July 2.  The Powerball that night was 35; had she matched that number, Catalano would have won a $90 million jackpot. Instead, she scored a $1 million prize, an early birthday present for Catalano, who turns 76 next week.  After taxes, she received a check for $683,000. Catalano was one of five new millionaires made on July 2.  Another ticket sold in New Jersey had the Power Play option added, securing a $2 million prize for that player. The other three second-prize winning tickets were sold in Massachusetts, New Mexico and South...

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50/50 Super Draw Winner Claims Prize

March 21, 2014 – The winner of this year’s 50/50 Super Draw from the Connecticut Lottery has come forward to claim her prize less than a week after her number was drawn from a pool of nearly 100,000 tickets. Christina Desaulniers said she arrived home from work just moments before the drawing was held Monday, St. Patrick’s Day.  Although she isn’t Irish, as Connecticut Lottery officials pointed out in a press release Thursday, Desaulniers was definitely lucky on Paddy’s Day. She told Lottery officials Thursday that she sat down with her ticket to listen to the winning number, but flipped her Super Draw ticket upside down. On a separate piece of paper, she wrote the winning number as it was called out – 003380 – and flipped her ticket back over once the final zero was called. “I immediately started crying,” Desaulniers told Lottery officials when she claimed her prize.  “Then I checked it about a hundred more times.” Desaulniers won half of the revenue generated from Super Draw sales.  She took home $242,560 before taxes thanks to the 50/50 Super Draw, and she and her husband said the win was well-timed. “Winning this prize is like a big weight has been lifted off us,” Desaulniers  said.  “We’ll be able to pay off our bills and finally get caught...

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St. Patrick’s Day Super Draw for Ct. Lottery Players

Jan. 29, 2014 – The Connecticut Lottery will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year by giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars to one winner who will definitely be feeling the “luck of the Irish” that day. Players can get their chance at winning by buying one of the Lottery’s 50/50 Super Draw tickets.  The tickets cost $5, and the Super Draw offers some of the best odds of any of the Lottery’s games. Right now, the Super Draw’s top prize sits at $100,000, but it will almost certainly be worth more than that by drawing day.  The winner of the St. Patrick’s Day Super Draw will get half of all the proceeds from ticket sales – that’s why it’s called a 50/50. In last year’s St. Patrick’s Day Super Draw, enough tickets were sold for the top prize to grow to more than $300,000.  The winner last year chose the lump-sum option for his prize, and walked away with about $218,000 after taxes. To enter the Super Draw, players simply need to buy a ticket and hang onto it.  The winner will have to present the winning ticket to verify that all six numbers on their ticket match the six-digit number drawn as the winner. Sales for the Super Draw started a little more than two weeks ago, but there’s no need to worry; the Lottery will print as many tickets as players can buy. The odds of the game, then, depend on how many Super Draw tickets the lottery sells.  Players must buy their tickets by Sunday, March 16, and the drawing will be held on St. Patrick’s Day, Monday, March 17. Players can watch the Super Draw on TV, during the 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. broadcasts of FOX News.  After the drawing, the winning number will be posted on the Connecticut Lottery’s website, and players can check their tickets at any Lottery...

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New Year’s Eve Super Draw Sales Past Halfway Point

Nov. 22, 2013 – There is just a few days more than six weeks left before ticket sales close for the Connecticut Lottery’s New Year’s Eve $1,000,000 Super Draw.  Unless tickets sell out beforehand, Dec. 31 will be the last day for players to get in on the action. With 1,311 guaranteed winners, the Connecticut Lottery’s $1 million Super Draw is the perfect chance to kick off the New Year with a hunk of extra cash in your pocket. The Super Draw is played like a conventional raffle – tickets are sold in sequential order from 100001 to 375000, and if your Super Draw ticket matches any of the winning numbers drawn New Year’s Day, you’re a winner. Only 275,000 tickets will be sold, and sales opened way back on Sept. 29 – there could only be a few left. Each ticket costs $10 and offers some of the best odds at winning huge cash prizes.  The odds of winning the $1,000,000 top prize are just 1 in 275,000 – more than 600 times better than your odds of matching all six Powerball numbers on any given drawing. And along with the one lucky Connecticut Super Draw player with $1 million in their future, another 1,310 winners will start off the new year the right way – richer! Ten players will win $20,000 second prizes, 50 players will score $1,000 third prizes, and 1,250 winners will be able to celebrate $100 wins. Six weeks might seem like plenty of time to pick up a ticket, but you never know when the Lottery will sell out of chances to win some New Year’s cash. All three previous New Year’s Eve Super Draws have sold out, so don’t make your New Year’s resolution “play the Super Draw next year.”   Photo Credit:...

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Connecticut Lottery on track for Keno

The Connecticut Lottery has been trying to get ready to add Keno to their game offerings, and after this week, it looks like that could happen by Summer 2014. The Connecticut Lottery officials have approved funding this week to add Keno to the roster of Lottery games. The Connecticut Lottery Corporation board of director’s voted on Thursday Sept. 26 to spend up to $5.4 billion over the next two years. This money will be spent to bring Keno to over 600 different Connecticut Lottery locations. The decision to bring Keno to Connecticut has been in the works for several months. The next step in approval is for the lottery to reach an agreement with the state’s two Native American tribes. Currently these two states have exclusive rights to offer gambling in the state, and without their agreement to Keno, the lottery would not be able to run the game. The Connecticut Lottery has yet to give an exact date when Keno will be available, but the Connecticut Lottery expects the game to be ready by Summer 2014. For more information on the Connecticut Lottery, visit their website.   Photo Credit: Bartosz Senderek  Licensed under Creative Commons Share-Alike...

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