Cash or Credit? Why some state lotteries require cash payment

Many state lotteries don’t allow purchase of lottery tickets with a credit card. Find out where your state lottery stands on the age old question, cash or credit.

Many people depend on our credit cards for the majority of our purchases. Credit cards can make it convenient to make any purchase without having to hassle with making exact change.

Despite the convenience of cards, many state lotteries do not allow customers to purchase tickets with a credit card. Many lotteries want to protect lottery players from gambling addiction, and by limiting the accepted forms of tender, they are able to control some lottery players from getting carried away. To many lotteries, credit card purchase are harder to keep track of, and therefore people can forget how much they have spent on lottery tickets. Cash purchases require more active thought and consciousness of spending.

So what states let you pay with credit card? And what states limit how you can pay?

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Many states that allow credit card purchases leave it up to the retailer’s choice whether or not an individual place accepts credit card. It is not uncommon for a lottery retailer to deny the use of credit card for game purchases, even if the state allows it. Additionally, some states that do not allow credit cards for purchases do allow other forms of tender, including debit card, check, and gift cards. To see what regulations your state has on lottery purchases, be sure to check out their website.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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