Camelot Global Services looking to run Pennsylvania Lottery

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives are considering turning control of the lottery to be handled by a private company, Camelot Global Services.

Following in the footsteps set forth by the New Jersey Lottery,  the Pennsylvania Lottery is considering turning ownership over to a British company, Camelot Global Services.  Camelot Group runs the successful UK Lottery. They were awarded the contract in 1994, and has since handled all operations of the UK Lottery. In 2009, their contract was renewed to continue providing for the UK Lottery through 2019.

The Pennsylvania House is considering the change to private ownership to help provide more revenue for older citizens of Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Lottery proudly helps support older citizens through programs such as health care services, tax rebates, and assisted living homes and programs. Since its establishment, the Pennsylvania Lottery has provided more than $22.6 billion for the state and its senior citizens.

Pennsylvania Lottery does not currently allow the governor to privatize management of the lottery. The contract to allow for privatization will be resubmitted in the future, but for now it does not appear that the lottery will moving to private ownership within this year.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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