Californians claim first Powerball prizes

After only being a part of Powerball for 3 weeks, California has already had 3 winners.

Last week, one lucky California man won the Match 5, which earned him $1.3 million. Although usually this prize wins only $1 million, the California lottery is set up so winnings are pari-mutuel, and vary dependent on ticket sales.

This Saturday’s drawing brought in 2 lucky Match 5 winners, each winning just over $500,000.

With only 3 weeks to participate in Powerball, California residents have proved that the expansion of Powerball into California is lucky for the state as well as the multi-state system.

Since it has included California, the unclaimed Powerball jackpots have risen at a higher rate than before, causing more people to get in on the Powerball playing.

With California as a part of Powerball, the jackpots are expected to keep growing and awarding players all over!

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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