Brand image improving for the Illinois Lottery

The Illinois Lottery has been working to improve it’s brand image in the last 20 months, and the efforts have been well-received.

Michael Jones has been the Lottery Superintendent for 20 months, and in his time has turned the majority of advertising for the brand over to Downtown Partners/Chicago and Commonground. IN that time the public image of the brand has begun to slowly improve.

However, the lottery is still low on revenue. Private owners Northstar Lottery Group, say the image is definitely improving and the revenue will soon show this. Recently a six-month survey proved that the lottery managed by Northstar showed that the brand advertising and games from the past few months has shown improvement.These efforts have given the Illinois Lottery a more personal image for people to relate to, causing them to be more inclined to trust and interact with the company. This has lead to higher sales and a chance to attract more customers from new social groups, including younger adults.

The survey found that the brand image has seen great improvement and brought people to believe that the lottery is a company for everyone. This has helped lottery stereotypes to drop and more people to become open to playing the Illinois Lottery.

New games have also contributed to the rise in popularity. Games that honor veterans and more specialty games help individualize the lottery and give people a better feeling about paying. That, along  with larger payouts, make it a great time to be the illinois Lottery.

To see why more people love and trust the Illinois Lottery, go to their website to see all the fun games and more!

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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