Be a Jackpot Captain in California

Start a lottery pool and guide your team to victory with the California Lottery and their Jackpot Captain program so you can make winning the lottery into a team sport.

It’s always fun when your favorite team wins. Now you can be the captain of your favorite team and really win with the Jackpot Captain program through the California Lottery. Lottery pools are a fun way to play the lottery with your friends and co-workers. Lottery pools give you more chances to win big and give you the chance to share the joy of winning with friends. To make it easier to start a lottery pool, as well encourage a team mentality, the California Lottery is helping you become the captain of your team.

The Jackpot Captain program provides tips for starting a pool, gives groups the chance to enter exclusive promotions, and tips on ways to make your team the best, and hopefully, luckiest team. By becoming the captain of your lottery team, you become the hero when your group wins the jackpot. Jackpot pools help build bonds, encourage team mentality, provide opportunities to learn about others’ dreams, and make winning even more fun. The Jackpot Captain will organize the team using the California Lottery’s program, which gives you all the necessary tools to get everything organized and together in one place.

Along with tools to starting a tam, the Captain program gives teams access to exclusive promotions. Currently, there are no listed promotions, but past promotions include the Ultimate captain Contest, LA Clippers promotional giveaway, and more. These promotions are only open to members of the Jackpot Captain program, and many include ways to give the whole jackpot team a chance to enjoy more prizes from the California Lottery.

So what are you waiting for? Get together your team and become the leader in your quest to win the lottery with your friends. Check out the Jackpot Captain page with the California Lottery, and stay up to date with your favorite lottery on LotteryHUB.




Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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