Arkansas Considering Keno Game

The Arkansas Lottery is considering adding an ever-popular Keno game to their lottery offerings.

A Keno game through lotteries generally consists of 80 balls in an enclosure that are blown around and jumbled up. Each ball is imprinted with a number, and after the balls have been jumbled around, 20 balls are seected at random. Wagers and winnings are calculated based on the numbers drawn and the tickets sold. With lotteries, Keno is generally drawn multiple times a day, some as often as once every 4 minutes. Players select a ticket and chooses numbers they expect to be drawn.

The Arkansas Lottery is looking into adding a Keno game in ordr to increase their sales revenue. Keno games have proven popular in other states, since they combine the fun of draw games with the instant gratification of a scratch-off.

If the Arkansas Lottery chooses to add Keno games, they hope they will help increase funds that can go to provide scholarships for students entering college. The Arkansas Lottery currently offers 6 weekly draw games as well as 1 bi-annual drawing. They offer popular scratch-offs and an instant game caled Fast Play as well, giving all Arkansas Lottery players more chances to win.

Reactions to a Keno game have been positive so far, but the Arkansas Lottery has a ways to go before they can begin offering this fun, casino-style game to their players.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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