Powerball players want to know, can i buy this online?

With the launch of Powerball in California, more and more lottery players are urging for a way to purchase tickets online. The customers are ready for the lottery community to deliver a convenient mobile or online service to buy and check Powerball tickets.

In just 24 hours, the state of California sold $3.1 million in Powerball tickets. With lines out the doors of the over 21,000 state certified lottery vendors, many customers are already waiting for the online buying option. Most states have looked into this option but have yet to develop a successful way to purchase tickets online. The biggest concern for online ticket sales is age verification. Since the lottery is considered to be a form of gambling, it is illegal in some states, and has strict age restrictions in the others. Lottery officials do no want to risk infringing upon gambling age restrictions, and are waiting to fix this issue before developing online ticket sales.

Until then, lottery messengers are receiving a lot of credit for giving customers an easier way to play the lottery. Mobile Applications such as LottoGopher and TheLotter give lottery players a chance to be a part of lottery pools with other players. This gives players the chance to pay for membership through the app that allows them to pay for a pool of tickets shared between a few people. These applications require users to sign up for their membership in order to verify their age and location.

Lottery officials are still searching for easy ways to bring the lottery to the internet for all users. Until then, all lottery players can purchase tickets from any of the thousands of vendors within each state. Once you buy your ticket, be sure to download the shoutz app to your smartphone to watch live Powerball drawings.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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