Play 2BY2 in North Dakota and you could instantly win $500

The North Dakota Lottery is giving you the chance to instantly win $500 when you purchase a 7-Draw 2BY2 ticket for $7.

In the hopes of encouraging players to purchase 7-Draw 2BY2 tickets, the North Dakota Lottery is sponsoring a 2BY2 7-Draw Promotion from now through August 31. Whenever you play 7-draw 2BY2 from the North Dakota Lottery, you could be randomly selected to win.

2BY2 from the North Dakota Lottery is a $1 draw games with a jackpot of $22,000. To play, select two red numbers from 1 to 26 and two white numbers from 1 to 26. Drawings are held every day at 9:30pm CST. There are seven ways to win, with the odds to win a prize at 1 in 3.59. Tuesdays are Double Prize Feature days with 2BY2. If you play 2BY2 on Tuesdays, any prize is doubled in value.

The North Dakota Lottery 2BY2 7-Draw Promotion gives players the chance to instantly win free, single play, 7-draw, 2by2 tickets and $500 cash coupons on a random basis. To play, just purchase a $7 7-Draw 2BY2 ticket. Once you purchase the ticket, you are eligible to be randomly selected as a winner.

Winners will be notified when they purchase their tickets from the North Dakota Lottery Terminal. A message saying “Yah Hoo!  Winner!” will display on the lottery terminal. Free lottery tickets will print immediately after the qualifying transaction. If you win $500, a coupon will immediately print after the message. This coupon is redeemable immediately at any lottery retailer with sufficient funds. If a retailer does not have the sufficient funds, the coupon can be taken to any North Dakota Lottery retailer or mailed to the North Dakota Lottery office.

North Dakota Lottery
1050 East Interstate Ave., Suite 200
Bismarck, ND 58503-5574

Check out the North Dakota Lottery website for more information on games and featured promotions.


Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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