22-year-old college grad wins $5.3 million in New York

One recent college grad from Iona College might be having trouble finding a job, but his luck might turn around after a recent $5.3 million win from the New York Lottery.

Junior Julian Etwaroo graduated from Iona College and since then has been unemployed and on the job hunt. He has played the same six random lotto numbers for the past year, often buying tickets at the same store he purchased his winning ticket at. Although he has had trouble finding an income, he just hit a bigger “payday” than he could have expected.

Etwaroo was one of two winners from the New York Lottery Lotto gameon June 29, winning him a total of $5.3 million. The college grad chose the lump sum option, taking home a whopping $2.1 million to get him on his feet.

Etwaroo is a quiet kid from the Bronx, and could hardly believe his eyes when he checked the winning numbers. He told sources he checked his numbers five or six times before he really believed he had won. Etwaroo is excited to put his recent winnings toward a graduate degree. His other plans for the money are to work on getting a girlfriend.

LotteryHUB has seen a few recent winners who recently graduated college or are still working on their studies. Remember, as long as you are above the legal age in your state, it never hurts to try your luck with the lottery. You never know, it could help pay off some student loans.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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